You have a great album/single, right? What’s Next?

So you have completed your album or single. All your friends and family tell you that it sounds great. What’s your next step? Our answer is simple. Advertising, promotions, & performing. How? Start small and build your buzz. That’s why we specialize in customized radio airplay.

Customized Radio Airplay (We send you a list of 10 college or major Fm or your genre format radio and tell you what to do to get airplay)———————– only $50

INTERNET RADIO / E-BLAST ——————- $100 (2 reports)

Album/Radio/Video Ads ————————-Internet ($75) / Major city 1 week (Radio/TV/Magazines) — ($1000)

2 Major cities 1 week (Radio/TV/Magazines) —————— ($2500)

5 Major cities 1 week (Radio/TV/Magazines)——————–($5000)

Airplay Promotions——————(With Reports Every Friday for 3 weeks, Promotions for 4 weeks)

For more on radio airplay and other promotions, visit

Buy Beats here (genres include hip-hop,rap, pop, r&b, country,reggae-ton…): buy_mezonic_beatz

buy more tracks here:
For custom made tracks, please call us at 704-577-5475 or email us at

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One Response to “You have a great album/single, right? What’s Next?”

  1. My name is Mezonic. I’m an artist/song-writer/producer in Charlotte,NC. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on radio promotions over the years. I didn’t really see the results except for a few Djs knowing about me. Also those e-blast services are a complete waste of time. My advice to indie artists is to save your money and use it to advertise on google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and maybe myspace. You can also advertise on radio stations and MTV/BET in your local area. You should also build your own email list of djs and radio personalities. That way, you can email them your press info & song directly. As far as earning money from your music, perform at all the local open mics, colleges, festivals, and sell your CDs directly to fans. If you are really a sales person, get a table at your local flee market. Remember as you begin to profit from your music, save half of your money to start recording your next album and use some for your advertisements. Build your contact list and text/email your friends when you release a new song/album. Other than that, keep being passionate about your music, learn new things everyday, and don’t let anyone tell you that you will not make it. By the way, check out my website and if you like my music, don’t hesitate to show your support. Peace!!!

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